# Contributing

👍🎉 First off, thanks for taking the time to read this and contribute! 🎉👍

Third-party contributions help us grow and improve QMK. We want to make the pull request and contribution process useful and easy for both contributors and maintainers.

# Bugs/Enhancements

Found something that is broken or could be improved?

The best place to get quick support is going to be on our Discord (opens new window). There is usually somebody online, and there are a bunch of very helpful people there.

Otherwise raise an issue (opens new window), with any additional details you can provide.

# Documentation

Want to improve the documentation?

Powered by vuepress, and hosted on GitHub Pages, you can request changes by making a fork and pull request.

# Previewing the Documentation

Before opening a pull request, you can preview your changes with the following command:

yarn install
yarn serve